The Sandy Springs Garden Club has the distinction of being the first civic organization in the area..

The Sandy Springs Garden Club began with seventeen women interested in their community who were present at the first meeting. Sponsored by the Iris Garden Club of Atlanta, the new garden club members chose the club's name to represent what was then an unincorporated area of Fulton County. The group put together the first set of Constitution and By-laws, and the members chose an old house on the grounds of a local schoolhouse as their meeting place.

Together the first members decided on a series of programs that set the pace for the years to come. First there was a flower exchange; then landscaping in front of the school; and then a club flower show. Monies were raised by rummage sales, benefit bridge parties, yard sales, bazaars, and a club members' cookbook. One year all the proceeds from a Tour of Homes went towards landscaping Ridgeview High School. Other funds were used to landscape other high schools in the area, as well as to donate trees and bluebird houses. Financial support from the club was given to hospitals located in the area including Northside, Scottish Rite, and St. Joseph's Hospitals. A full year's tuition scholarship was provided for three students for their graduate study year in the School of Environmental Design at the University of Georgia. And for many years, contributions were given to the Sandy Springs Mental Health Center.

The SSGC was admitted to the Garden Club of Georgia in April, 1942, and went on to sponsor other garden clubs in the area in the ensuing years. The civic accomplishments of the Club were many and included the beginning of a P.T.A. at Hammond Elementary School and the establishment of the Sandy Springs Woman's Club in 1948. The garden club has the distinction of being the first civic organization in the area. Several members of the Club were co-founders of the Sandy Springs Library in 1965. All the plantings around the original library building were planted and maintained by the club members.

Picture of the a Sandy Springs Historical Marker